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This site is dedicated to the loving memory of my mother who always taught me that all men and women are equal in the eyes of God!

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Welcome to TekNote Solutions!!

To use this site select pages from the drop-down menus on top. Each page is designed to build knowledge in specific areas of understanding culture and best practices for designing web based training in multicultural work places. Specifically the menus are organized as follows:About Us - this is an explanation of the purpose of the site.

  • Understanding Diversity - this page is introduces the complexity of cultural diversity.
  • Global Navigation - this is an explanation of global web navigation.
    • Iconography - is a discussion of web elements that are commonly found in web sites as well as pitfalls to avoid when creating icons for diverse audiences.
    • Common Signposts - are those web elements that are commonly used and a discussion on what to do and not to do when designing for diverse audiences.
    • Getting Around - is a discussion on ease of use for your audience.
  • Planning - this is a discussion on the importance of planning for a project.
    • Methodology - this is a twist on the standard ADDIE Methodology and is intended to supplement the planning phase of a project.
  • Best Practices - this emphasizes the need for understanding and respect in order actually design for multicultural audiences.
    • Standards - offers viable options when designing for diverse learners, while it doesn't have a black & white prescription, it does offer ideas to guide the instructor.
    • Solutions - this is a discussion on localization, internationalization, and the notion of glocalization.
    • Knowledge Check - this is a short quiz intended for your own benefit so that you can see how much you learned from this site.
Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of the Multicultural training program users will be able to:

  1. Identify cultural boundaries that may impede training or software development.
  2. Identify cultural likenesses with which to capitalize on when developing training programs and software applications.
  3. Explain the differences between emic and etic.
  4. List and use best practices from a multicultural perspective when developing training and software.
  5. Discuss the ADDIE Methodology and how to use it when planning, creating and implementing software training.


Check out the cohort 9 Resource page and collage.